John Blalock


Gua Cha

No more drinking for a while.  Spent the morning cleaning and the afternoon at the Met.  My favorites were a breathtaking mural photo by my favorite Thomas Struth a very dry german who makes enormous images of boring people.  Also, hidden in a corner among the picasos and matisse’s was a painting by Repin, a 19thcent russian painter who grew up before the revolution and painted right into it.  A very subtle and hyper photo realistic painting of a friend and pacist writer who would later kill himself as he watched the revolution turn bloody.

Now Judith (pounced iu-dit) our dutch gust, is cooking a soup for us.

I have attached a photo of seans back after he had his Gua Cha massage.  A chinese massage that involves scraping the congealed blood from under your skin to open up your chi.  Not quite sure of the pathophysiology involved in this procedure but then again my physiology classes did not include chi paths.GuaCha


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