John Blalock


What a great time!  Every time I come to Astoria its fantastic.  Here are some of the highlights:

1. All you can eat clams, all you can eat clam chowder, all you can eat col slaw, & bottomless wine.  Not only that, we had a lovely elderly couple signing sam cooke covers with harmony.  Also I did enjoy the LNG stands for Live Nude Girls (see attached though you have probably seen this).

2. Labor Temple.  It was probably a problem that I was hammered drunk by the time we got there (nothing to do with bottomless wine…)  We met a young man who was clearly stumbling drunk, here is a excerpt from the conversation between Ryan and Drunk man:

Man: Where the f*** are you guys from?!
Ryan: Um, I live here?  How about you?
Man: You are not Canadian are you?!
Ryan: Um, no, not at all.
Man: Good, I f***ing hate Canadians.
Ryan: So what do you do?
Man: Sure you are not Canadians?
Ryan: No.
Man: I am violent.
Ryan: For a living?
Man: No, I am just violent.
Ryan: um
Man: Do you know why I am violent?!
Ryan: um,     why…
Man: Because I am a Vagina!
Ryan:  ….
Me: ….
Man: I am a fucking Vagina!  And this Vagina will take anyone in here!
Ryan: ….
Me: ….
Anyone in the bar: ….

We then went to a table in the back and sang karaoke.
We met some nice people and staged a Last Super.



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