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Bike ride to GreenLake

It’s only 5 mins away. Look at those fall clouds and the rowers in the double. Its a little much, someone should tell them to tone it down.


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Jakes photo of me

He shot this in January on a cold bright morning in front of my studio. Please look at the rest of the images, all shot with an 8×10, hand processed and hand printed. Jake is becoming quite the power house. (I guess you will just have to google Jake Shivery–he does not have a site)

++For some reason this link is not working so I am just attaching the photo++

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Now I am person who lives in Washington

I like ZLY, its a good set up letters.Plates01Plates02

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First fire

We fired up the fire place tonight (finally cold enough) and oh boy. Cooking food and running a fire makes a house smell about as good as anything is capable of smelling. Fire was cozy and not too hot (though it did get a little warm). I was afraid it was going to put us in t-shirts and underwear but it was just right.FirstFire04

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Doing a little 4×5

After class this week I was inspired to shoot some black and white. Sunny weather (not something I am used to shooting in). My highlight areas were seven stops different than my shadows! Its usually 4 stops. I think I will need to run these N-2?

I’ll post the images when I run them in a week or so.

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Dust cover crazy

Scotty inspired me to cover my important equipment with dust covers. At the portland studio he did. And I did not. Six years later his gear looked untouched, just like new. Mine had that dirty, dingy look that stuff gets over time. Dust gets everywhere, it gets into those little cracks and you can’t get it out.
So I went a little crazy, picked up some sheets at the Ballard Good Will and covered my shelves, then I cut the rest up and did a little hand sewing. It looks like my computer and scanner have pajamas now–haha!

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Seward Park and the DMV

Things have been a little rough the past couple of days. It took four (not kidding, four) trips to the DMV to get my license. First I did not have a bill showing my address, then I drove back but it was to late and they could not see me, then I came again and I did not have the right bill, finally everything was correct.
I had to get it done however, they were closing most of the DMV’s in Seattle and I wanted to get though before the lines became even more crazy (I only had to wait 2 hours).

On the plus side I used my hour drives to explore the south section of seattle, some of the old boulevards and neighborhoods. Pretty amazing down there–including Seward Park. An Olmstead park that was expanded after the Lake Washington levels were dropped. Breathtaking view of Mt Rainier, packed with people (and not yuppies either).

was it worth it? Does it really mater I guess–make the best of things.

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Hanging Paintings and eating

I did nothing today, it feels pretty crazy. It was nice, hot, sunny, amazing, and I futzed around the house. I probably really need to do this, but it feels strange. I’m used to having 10 things going on at once, now, I have things to do, but its very little.

Cooked half pound burgers, big. And corn.HangingPaintingsBBQ1BBQ

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Lincoln Park

A handsome little park in West Seattle on the sound, beautiful day too.
The ferry you see is Fauntleroy Ferry–where they must have wolf hounds, dishes of candies, and patrons sit on little velvet thrones. Or there is one little boy who rides the ferry and no one else is allowed on.LincolnPark02LincolnPark10

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Ballard Farmers Market

Bought some squash and some raw milk.  Sunny and cool.  Listening to Pogues.  Feels like fall.FarmersMarket04FarmersMarket09FarmersMarket20FarmersMarket25

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