John Blalock


Seward Park and the DMV

Things have been a little rough the past couple of days. It took four (not kidding, four) trips to the DMV to get my license. First I did not have a bill showing my address, then I drove back but it was to late and they could not see me, then I came again and I did not have the right bill, finally everything was correct.
I had to get it done however, they were closing most of the DMV’s in Seattle and I wanted to get though before the lines became even more crazy (I only had to wait 2 hours).

On the plus side I used my hour drives to explore the south section of seattle, some of the old boulevards and neighborhoods. Pretty amazing down there–including Seward Park. An Olmstead park that was expanded after the Lake Washington levels were dropped. Breathtaking view of Mt Rainier, packed with people (and not yuppies either).

was it worth it? Does it really mater I guess–make the best of things.


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