John Blalock


The Betsy Ross Experiment

Well I have decided to take take on this kind of crazy project. I am going to hand sew and american flag.
Sounds crazy? Probably, here are a couple of reasons why I should do this.
-Hand sewing is relaxing to me.
-Sewing machines scare me.
-I love my country and my flag.
-I want to connect to those who had to make american flags because they could not buy them, like this:Folky
Did you know there was no set design for the american flag until 1912? Before that people would put as many stripes or as many stars on the flag as they saw fit, in any way they saw fit.

The project, to hand sew a flag.
Here is me practicing the backstich:

(thank you Rachel Finn with showing me how to do the backstich)

Now I am trying to make a flat felled seam:


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