John Blalock


From my airplane window

Did you know you can see all of the oregon mountains compressed together from 30,000 ft?

I still have a hard time believing how many of these mountins you can see and the scales.  The Three Sisters look huge, so does Black Butte, where as Hood (which is much closer) does not really look that big, and Jeff looks the same size as mount Washington.



If anyone has any ideas of which mountains these are I would love to hear it.  It appears to be, in this order:





But I could be wrong.  Bachelor could be the one off to the back left in the larger image.  I guess I could look on a map, but that seems like to much work.

Dallas is cold.  Which is nice.


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3 Responses

  1. e says:

    those mountains make me feel like i want to be there. They’re really beautiful, it really is gods country.

  2. zach says:

    looks like hood, 3 fingered jack, washington, 3 sisters… jefferson might be hidden.. hard to tell, tho

  3. John Blalock says:

    I think your right–Jeff might be hidden behind hood?

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