John Blalock


Flag sewing and how it compares to playing super mario brothers



Sewing and the original super mario brothers.

They are both very two dimensional (at least flag sewing), all the work you do, and all the challenges you face are only challenges of height and width.

Screwing up.  In mario to screw up means to throw out all the work you did on that particular level.  I suppose it could mean starting the game over, comprable to choosing the wrong fabric or something like that–but usually it means you must repeat each level over and over.  Much like messing up a seam, I tear it out and repeat exactly the same actions, only this time just a little better.

The bigger boss.  Mario is interesting as a video game because you never get better items (bigger guns, armor, potions, etc).  You must face each new challenge with the same equipment–its only your skill that must improve.  Each level is a little different say its a water level, or a cloud level, or one of those underground levels, these each take a slight variation of ones skill.  Once I am done felling the strips I have to sew the stars (a kind of mini level), then join the strips to the blue, then hem the edges, each a new challenge with this own individualized skills.

If you can’t tell I have been both playing super mario brothers on the ds and sewing this flag at the same time


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