John Blalock


Curses #$%&!

Dang seam allowance!  This was the hardest piece to sew–the reinforcement for the hanging side of the flag.  For some reason the denim would not iron down, my hems kept folding out.  Plus I had to sew both sides together with each stitch, which meant pinning and readjusting every few inches (otherwise you would find out that you had been sewing only one side and have to go back).  And then–after all that I get to the end and I am 1/2″ short (not counting my hem!)!  I must have stretched the flag side out as I was sewing the strip!


Now I am either going to have to make a patch (which I think I will do) or pull the whole thing out (which I think I will not do)



Filed under: The Betsy Ross Project

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