John Blalock


Polaroids from Keg Stand

Here they are

The hero

Various faces of sean

Before Danny had to go to work

The men and women swap (or guys and gals I guess)

And the crew shot

A lighting test to give you an idea of the color

A few production stills


Thanks to everyone who came.  I guess its a good thing in a way–we did not even come close to drinking the keg…

More to come.  The 4×5 transparencies are heading for Portland as we speak, Citizen photo will soup them tomorrow, I’ll pick them up at the end of the week and take them back to Seattle to be drum scanned.


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Best Thanks Giving Ever

Pulled the brined turkey out and swapped it with the sweet potatoes

Zach Arrives with Champagne

And stories about Eugene

Amazing stories (even the sunflower is interested)

Mary arrives (we don’t really look alike)

Turkey took some time so we put dinner on the warmer

Don’t take my picture john

Turkey carving

You may not want to look at this picture

Watch me move

Watch us eat

watch us pass out

good night

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Turkey and wild turkey


Turkey Neck

Wild Turkey

Turkey brining in a bucket over night

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Shrimp heads down town

First thing on the list was a trip to Pike Place Market for fried shrimp

“Ah!  My friend–what happened to you!”


Rachel refusing to pose like the model behind her (my ideas are not always the best I will admit)

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Rachel Arrived!

Rachel arrived last night

Sean hid

We ate pumpkin pie

Got gifts

Drank wine

And looked at our feet

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Photographing the Wells’

I drove out to the Dome with Brigid for a wonderful breakfast.

We we greeted by some gnomes or something

Hung out with the family

We took some portraits in the front of the house

I always look good with my camera

Polaroid–images to follow once I soup the film

Sorry for the eye Tim…

And the weather broke for us

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The Wells’

Came down to portland for the night.

We had some fun

Apparently Aaron looks like Jimmy Mcnulty (though I don’t watch the wire)

Played with Kasha

Until he had to leave in a cat box

And danced

Look for the photos of the Wells family photo shoot shortly!

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The Boys Got Wood

We bought a cord of apple, seasoned but not split

The folks who delivered it had to use a UHaul because their trailer broke down–it came late

It burns really hot and fierce

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My mom made me a Betsy Ross hat

Pretty cool.  I hope to wear it during the shoot

For more info on the shoot go next door to


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Changing the couch

I came home and dannie had bought a new couch.

They were moving the old futon into the basement.  Pretty seemlessly.

well, there was the one casulty

but flat butter tastes just as good as square butter (in case you were wondering)

anyway, it looks great

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