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The EU project

The Spirit of 21 is done!  Phew!  It took almost exactly three weeks to complete (we won’t try to count the hours.)  And I wish I could rest.  I can in a way, this is pretty much the most difficult flat to sew (next to the Union Jack–which I refuse to make!!)  I have a bunch more flags and other things to make for this shoot however.



Twelve stars on blue–oh so much easier.  There are no flat feel seams at all on this flag anywhere!

Bought the fabric today at Pacific Fabric Depot in George Town.  Sorry for not bringing the camera, it was a beautiful sunny fall day down in the industrial area.  I liked this fabric store, it has a lot of more industrial fabrics like canvas and denim.

here’s my buy:


Blue canvas and yellow felt.  I’m going to try felt because it wont have the fraying problems that the denim has.  This flag needs to look good on film but it is not a personal, or particularly important flag to me.

I bet this will take  a little less than three weeks, eh.


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