John Blalock


Some experiements with the 4×5

I have been kind of depressed here in Seattle because there are no labs that process 4×5 color.  What the hell!  Even po-dunk Portland has a lab!

This throws a big wrench in my plans for Bunker Hill.  So here is my thought.  With a conventional 4×5 of the house this is the image with my 65mm Grandagon:


Using fuji FP100b45.  Ah it looks so good, and can be framed so well.

Here is my idea, use the 6×7 back on the camera


And shift it back and forth to create a stitched image on 120 film

I made a mask for the polaroid pack film back that would mask of a matched 6×7 area.  This is what it would potentially look like with two options:

#1 Vertical 6×7 which should give about a 12×7 stitched image


Or the very panoramic horizontal 14×6


An added benefit to the horizontal is that, if set up properly, the images could appear side by side on the same roll of film and therefor keep the continuity of the image.

I shot a roll of 120 in all of these different configurations–look for the results here next week.


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  1. rt says:

    panorama panorama!

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