John Blalock


Got the film back

So the film lines up pretty well with the polaroids.  Not sure if I like it.  Here is the image unstitched–as it would be were I to show the edges of the film in a print.  I cannot get the camera to shift any further (this is pushing what that 65mm lens can do regardless).  However it looks pretty choppy:


stitched it looks much better–but I am not sure if I want something so dramatic:


Anyway if the rain lets up I will shoot verticals tomorrow.  I still may go with film…

I voiced my complaint to the lab today–its just so strange not having any 4×5 color processing in this city!


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One Response

  1. jD White says:

    i just got some 8×10 chrome back today, developed in town! that town is portland.

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