John Blalock


The Official Keg Stand Invitation


Welcome to this years Keg Stand Photo Shoot!  As you may have noticed the theme this year is the American Revolution, in particular the Battle of Bunker Hill.



-Saturday November 28th at noon


-My house, 7029 20th Ave NE Seattle WA 98115

Do I have to do a keg stand?
-No, but you can if you want to.
What should I wear?
-Please look at the painting to get an idea of the colors.  Reds, whites, blues, and cream or yellow would be best.  Please try to avoid lots of black or bright white.  Also college attire is great–think jeans, Khakis, hoodies, etc.

10am Preproduction meeting
and set up
12pm Shooting begins!
Please arrive as close to 12 as possible–thanks!
3pm  Shooting complete, post party

RSVP John 503-209-9942 – – or go to



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