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Okay, the computer is working again

So sorry I have not been around guys, I have not forgot about everyone out in the internet world.  The computer crashed completely (with a weird flashing screen), the apple care guy had me take my precious tower into the mac store (which was nuts, no parking, crazy shoppers).  Anyway, fortunatly it was only the graphics card.  I got home and was about to do the reinstall, and fire up the back up drives when I had a thought:

-I have had this computer for 2 years, the hard drives are full, this may be my only chance to swap in some new drives.  I had just done a clean install so I am starting from scratch regardless.

So, from a 250gbt drive for the system and two 500gbt drives in Raid 1 for backup.


haha!  500gbt system drive, 500gbt time machine, and two 1T drives in Raid 1.

That should hold me for another few years.

(sorry no pictures–Mateo is borrowing my camera to learn light room.  I’ll have some images soon).


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  1. Grandma Kate says:

    Well, John, I did find my way through the entire blog, if that’s what you call it. The photos were lovely and exciting. I was bogged down in the evil party photos and am glad that I found my way out of them and into Sean’s Birthday and the rest of the stuff. I do hope YOU can find YOUR way to Vancouver again and can stop at Glenwood place. Love, Grandma Kate

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