John Blalock


Christmas Eve at the Finn’s

Pretty straight forward.

Wrap presents

then unwrap them

Which I guess can be kind of funny

(that is if the presents are childhood photographs)


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2 Responses

  1. Beth Harati says:

    John – I am Rachel’s crazy Aunt Beth from Atlanta. Jan told me about your blog and I loved being able to see the pictures from Christmas! Thanks so much for posting them. You have a great talent. I loved the ones of Polar. She has aged so much since I have seen her. She must still like table scraps. I heard you had a good Christmas and New Years. Tell my niece hi for me and I love her!

  2. Jan Finn says:

    Thank you, John. I love this gift you have…this gift you’ve given us. I had no idea you were capturing those moments but love having them so much. You caught Rachel’s hand in motion; gift-wrapping only hours or minutes from unwrapping is a Finn tradition! Ha! By the way, my sister is just the best!

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