John Blalock


Movie night

The Fifth Element


JVCD, a movie about an aging action hero who’s life is falling apart and who gets caught up in a hostage situation at a bank.  The character’s name is John Claude Vandam (interestingly enough played by John Claude Vandam).  Makes me not want to live the life of a b-movie actor.


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Baking cookies

Maya wanted cookies and we had none.  What we did have was the following:



-brown sugar




-chefs hat

-colorful apron

success (macaroons!)

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Happy Birthday Lauren

Looks like your having fun dancing with Miko.

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Cleaning images

More screen shots of pinhole details, this is the Air Force Academy Chapel at 100%

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Testing Cameras

We had a nice day–weird.  I tested the cameras today down at UW.  Images are of the bell tower in red square.  The polaroids turned out–amazing.  I like this system, I was able to swap the cameras off very quickly–just like a lens.

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Missile attack? No problem

Apparently I’m covered

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Super-duper nerd

Its finally done, it took about a week with many many pitfalls but I now have the computer set up the way I want it

For those of you who don’t know what this means I have four drives in the computer set up like this:

1. Striped Set of two 500gbt drives for my system

2. Mirrored set of two 1tbt drives for my back up

The nice thing is four drives show up as two drives.  The Striped set is what my system is installed on which means it runs amazingly fast (striped sets write and read to both drives simultaneously so it much faster).  Its supposed to be a less stable set up so that’s why I have the mirrored set for the back up.  Anyway, all I can say is my disk image did not work!!  $%#@! which means I had to reload everything!  Curses, and it only took about five days to do it all.

For those of you who don’t care about any of this, well, I have to fill my time somehow.

Oh–thanks Alex for all the help!

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8am Beer and Potstickers

That’s night shift for ya

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Just another day

Okay, I printed 20 8x10s of the keg stand

Signed them and put them in sleves and mailed them to Lunarboy Gallery for sale.

Then we ate salad with asparagus, dandiline greens, and ground beef with salantro

This time maya took the photos

(later we would play scrable as Dannie has to take the GRE tomorrow and it seemed like good exercise for the brain muscles)

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Night shift making pinholes

I’m not working tonight but I am still on the night shift.  Its 2am and I am making pinholes from 0.003″ brass shim stock and sewing needles (stick them in the top of a pencil for better control)

Punching each hole and scanning it looking for the magical number of 0.01″ (the size I need for my cameras)

the holes look pretty impressive blown up on the screen.

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