John Blalock


Train Trip Back

Soooo, I guess I screwed up and thought the train was at 2pm.  It was at noon.

Everything was full so we had to get a berth on the Coast Starlight.

This meant something monumental.

My first time.



Metropolitan Lounge

we savored Metropolitan Lounge Tea in Metropolitan Lounge china

Our berth

we watched double indemity

a movie about how an insurance plan pays double if you die on a train…

we contemplated ways to die

then had dinner with Jack and Anastasia

a delightful couple of commoners from coach, they regaled us with tales of the life of a commoner.

clearly impressed to be dinning with first class passengers like us.


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One Response

  1. Jack says:

    Mister John Blalock,

    Sure was nice to eat in the company of you and your ladyfriend. In the back of the train they just toss dinner rolls into the aisle and watch us fight for em. Then there are the bed bugs.


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