John Blalock


No UW, maybe Ohio State…

I was not excepted by UW but I have been wait listed at Ohio State.  I have to say I am a little excited at the possibility of living in Columbus….


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4×5 Chromes from St Patrick’s day

Here they are

for better or worse

we certainly had fun


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Colins Visit

Day 1

Up in the space needle

Humm, I guess I didn’t think it looked like this

Colin watches a football game

You can see my house from here

A photo for Martin, the beautiful distant towers of Kirkland (home of Costco)

More random stuff

John shows Colin a Seattle specialty–have you tried it?  Its called coffee.

Experiencing the outside of the music project.

Colin photographs the Ballard Locks, sunday boat traffic returning from a weekend cruise around the Sound

We debate spitting on people

Then its onto a night of watching TV, Movies, and eating junk food.  There are no pictures of this, thank god.

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St Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot

To commemorate St Patrick’s Day I commissioned a photo commemorative photo

Here are the polaroids

Thanks Neil for some production stills

(Oh also I rented a Mamiya RZ, here’s a Polaroid from my “end of the night” images)

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St Patrick’s Day

What a long day,

We started with traditional breakfast (though we did not have blood sausage).

Then it was time  to start the corned beef.  10lbs.  To big to fit in one pot

After some time a few more people arrived and we ate said beef

people were to hungry to talk–it was amazing

With toasts (go dannie)

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More Beach

Breakfast with a fohawk

(courtesy of r. finn)

a few warm up shots with the 4×5 (inspired by reading about boring german photography and how it has changed boring photography forever)

And who knew the weather would be nice.

not me.


really I was not expecting to be able to leave the motel

some moclips art

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Breakfast and the Beach

We started with a song

Then breakfast with Evan, Rachel, and Sean at Toulouse with the best server in the world (Maya)

Drove all day and hit Moclips exactly at sunset

Rachel was so excited she ran out and jumped in the water

(did you really believe me?!)

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Evan Arrives

Went to Green Lake because ti was sunny

We contemplated why guys need to photograph their girlfriends next to things.  (like this ridiculous bush).

We noted my connection to early Green Lake residents

And sat in the sun

Beers with Evan at the Revenna Ale House

And songs back at the house (until the wee hours of the morning)

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Rachel Arrives

Time to buy supplies at the market

And pick her up at the airport

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Rachels coming today

For this I bought film

(and flowers, but I am only showing the film)

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