John Blalock


Breakfast and the Beach

We started with a song

Then breakfast with Evan, Rachel, and Sean at Toulouse with the best server in the world (Maya)

Drove all day and hit Moclips exactly at sunset

Rachel was so excited she ran out and jumped in the water

(did you really believe me?!)


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  1. tianeen says:

    Hey John,

    I love following your life through photos. I just passed on an army surplus panorama camera, it broke my heart. Do you remember my russian pano camera? I have a few photos shot with it, I had a disasterous photo shoot for the deaf school in Vancouver WA, the camera malfunctioned, (I’d tightend it down on the tri-pod too hard and the traveling lense mechanism wouldn’t move) with the whole school of 250 deaf kids and staff assembled for a group shot, one of my worst, “professional” moments. When I get out of school I want to go crazy but for now I have to buckle down and study, it’s still fun. Hope you get into Ohio, they have a great radio station, Black Squirrel Radio. Love, ya Paty

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