John Blalock



Asleep at 1am

Awake at 5am

Flipping back and forth from days to nights does not always work.


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Walking protest

I’m not saying I am going to give up my car completely, but driving to the store, driving to the bar, it just seems pretty frivolous considering whats happening in the gulf right now.

Top Kill failed today, its been over a month, possibly 12,000 barrels a day.

I need the exercise.

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Kameron’s House in Warm Beach

We drove up to get lunch with Kameron who lives just north in a sleepy costal town.  The origional plan was to drive to Anacortes and take the ferry to Friday Harbor but apparently that would have required us to wake up much much earlier than we did.

Kameron is living down a picturesc little road

Which we almost ran him down on

(thats Kara the dog)

The house sits overlooking the puget sound from quite high up

So after hanging out we walked down some long steps to the beach

Where Kameron and his folks had built a pretty nifty deck

As well as captured a dock which is now anchored and makes a great swimming platform at high tide

(which it certainly was not right now)

We probably would have spent all day sitting on this dock

and doing some beach combing

But the plan was to get lunch

(fried oysters at the Conway Tavern)

and ice cream



ice cream

Thats daytrips for you, they are over quickly

we dropped Kameron off at home

only to discover

A half alive baby bunny on the road by his house

It appeared to be blind

and we SOOOO wanted to take it home and nurse it back to life

Which is not the right thing to do.

So we let it escape back into the forest to let nature decide its fate.

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Sizing the paper

Yesterday I sized my paper.  Sizing is a coating on paper that keeps pigment from sinking down into the fibers.

A simple proceedure

Especially with my fancy digital scale that I bought at the head shop.

First take 3.5grams of gelatin and mix with 125 ml of water

Let it stand for 30mins, then warm up (I used the microwave)

Add 5mls of Glyoxal as a hardener (to keep the gelatin from melting when using warm water baths)

Mix and brush on (some sources say to dip the paper, but I did not really have a good tray for this, so I just brushed this on)

Next week I hope to be printing!

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Gum Bichromate project

I need some distraction right now–I really miss Rachel.  I need something to keep my mind ocupided.  For this I’m taking on a pretty big project–one that will take the rest of the summer to pull off.

Gum Bichromate prints.

These are made with watercolor pigment mixed with gum aribic and potasium dichromate (which is light sensitive).  When exposed to a contact negative the UV light fixes the exposed parts of the image, the excess washes away with water.  Much like silk screening.

I like the idea of using pigments in my images–also I’m sick of inkjet prints.  There is no process involved (and I spend to much time on the computer anyway).

First step is taking watercolor paper and shrinking it and size it.

Today i washed the paper in hot water and hung it dry in the basement.

No trays–had to grab some cake tins from Safeway.

Next I will size the paper with gelatin and a hardener.

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not much to say

its all going in a drawer

Texas was to far away

I just makes me so sad.

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Evi’s visit

Evi flew out for a one day visit from Amsterdam.  Just to see me and sean and maya.

So I took her to Top Pot

for doughnuts

Then to the koolhaas central library where we wandered through a strange red hallway

Then more food, this I have been wanting to try

Its a pastrami sandwich from the market, I was able to eat half

Evi had a fish sandwich, much better choice.

Then it was on to wings night.

For some shooting.

She was on the plane at 9am this morning to go to her sisters wedding.

See you in Amsterdam Evi!

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