John Blalock


Evi’s visit

Evi flew out for a one day visit from Amsterdam.  Just to see me and sean and maya.

So I took her to Top Pot

for doughnuts

Then to the koolhaas central library where we wandered through a strange red hallway

Then more food, this I have been wanting to try

Its a pastrami sandwich from the market, I was able to eat half

Evi had a fish sandwich, much better choice.

Then it was on to wings night.

For some shooting.

She was on the plane at 9am this morning to go to her sisters wedding.

See you in Amsterdam Evi!


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One Response

  1. evi says:

    Thanks for showing me around John, I loved Seattle and will have great memories thanks to you. Anytime you wanna come over you’re welcome, even if its next week. Hope you’re doing alright.
    xx evi

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