John Blalock


Gum Bichromate project

I need some distraction right now–I really miss Rachel.  I need something to keep my mind ocupided.  For this I’m taking on a pretty big project–one that will take the rest of the summer to pull off.

Gum Bichromate prints.

These are made with watercolor pigment mixed with gum aribic and potasium dichromate (which is light sensitive).  When exposed to a contact negative the UV light fixes the exposed parts of the image, the excess washes away with water.  Much like silk screening.

I like the idea of using pigments in my images–also I’m sick of inkjet prints.  There is no process involved (and I spend to much time on the computer anyway).

First step is taking watercolor paper and shrinking it and size it.

Today i washed the paper in hot water and hung it dry in the basement.

No trays–had to grab some cake tins from Safeway.

Next I will size the paper with gelatin and a hardener.


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