John Blalock


Kameron’s House in Warm Beach

We drove up to get lunch with Kameron who lives just north in a sleepy costal town.  The origional plan was to drive to Anacortes and take the ferry to Friday Harbor but apparently that would have required us to wake up much much earlier than we did.

Kameron is living down a picturesc little road

Which we almost ran him down on

(thats Kara the dog)

The house sits overlooking the puget sound from quite high up

So after hanging out we walked down some long steps to the beach

Where Kameron and his folks had built a pretty nifty deck

As well as captured a dock which is now anchored and makes a great swimming platform at high tide

(which it certainly was not right now)

We probably would have spent all day sitting on this dock

and doing some beach combing

But the plan was to get lunch

(fried oysters at the Conway Tavern)

and ice cream



ice cream

Thats daytrips for you, they are over quickly

we dropped Kameron off at home

only to discover

A half alive baby bunny on the road by his house

It appeared to be blind

and we SOOOO wanted to take it home and nurse it back to life

Which is not the right thing to do.

So we let it escape back into the forest to let nature decide its fate.


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One Response

  1. tianeen says:

    Hey John, Beautiful images, I love the San Juans, did you make the ferry?? A old friend, Bret Lundsfors had a wierd camera record store in Anacortes,, now he puts on a annual festival.
    I might get to buy a new camera this year. Any ideas about the coolest, sharpest thing around? The G-9 will stay in the “quiver”, but I need something. . . . you know. . . .
    I want to upload some video clips on the I heart Jerry Baum site for his birthday this Friday. There is a great one of Sid reading a letter on the farm, in front of the beech tree.
    Take care, love tianeen.

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