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Lost Lake Part 2

Hiked to see Mt Hood,

More time in the river

Celebration with Champagne cut with a hatchet, go figure!


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Lost Lake Part One Arrival

Got to Lost Lake after a drive down I-5 (I guess there is no other way).  Arrived, set up the tent, and went to the lake with the rest of the crew.  

Can’t keep kids out of the water no mater how F***ing cold it is!

Right Dani…

So it was kind of nice, sitting on a rock, or swinging in the hammock

Looking up at the beautiful fishing line caught in the trees

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Snowed out of Gifford Pinchot

Next day it was up early with some eggs, then a long hike that was cut short by many feet of snow on the whole trail.  So we drove through the beautiful mountains and tried to make it passed St. Helens down to Trout Lake.  But we were stopped by many feet of snow.  Back tracked about 100 miles and stopped at a pretty state park with lots of families and kids (it did not feel like roughing it).  But the lake was nice!

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Walupt Lake

Drove from Seattle, through Rainier, to Walupt lake–in the Gifford Pinchot Wilderness.

Set up camp, had dinner with a furry friend, found the missing parking pass.

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Getting Ready For The Camping Trip

I woke up this afternoon to a busy house, Dani had set up the tent in the yard:

And she was cleaning out her car:

So, the only question is how will the weather be?!

Well, at least it will be better than Seattle:

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Fish fry

This was last week but I thought I would post it today.  I recently got Light Room 3 and I am trying to use the heck out of it.

Dani bought some trouts, stuff them with garlics and onions and lemons.

Super tasty (sean played his new Ukulele)

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I’m selling my tower

If anyone is interested, $1500, apple care until Nov.

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Take My Digital Imaging Class This Summer!

I’ll be teaching Digital Imaging I again on Tuesday nights.  Its built into a fun intro class–if you are in the seattle area you should sign up:

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Sean is really getting into fermented drinks/food.  Including the Japanese dish Natto.

Which smells like foot.  Butt and foot.

Oh and apparently you eat it with a raw egg.

Whipped into a paste that is exactly the consistency of snot.

But smells much much worse.

I held my breath.

And ate the whole bowl!  Only wretched once:

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Strip Photography with Jason

Time to work with Jason on another photo shoot.  Jason’s plan, planets, thoughts, Shawn in a robe, well, can’t wait to see the film…

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