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Visiting the Wells’ Dome

I came down to spend a little time with Jess, Joe, and Beth down in St. Paul Oregon.  Jess and I are working together on a pinhole camera design.

He gets a break from his chemo right now because his tumor counts are still low enough.  Tomorrow will be Jess’s one year celebration of fighting cancer.  So, we get to keep plugging away on this project.

The next day Joe and I took the grand kids out to help on the farm

first though, farmer snacks

And the best place to eat farmer snack is on the hood of my car (designed specifically for sitting).

Drift chose to stay in the car

Drift, thats not where dogs sit.

Next we picked up the Strawberries sitting on the cold storage holder out on the field:

Using a traditional German Farm truck to transport them:

Off to the stand

The men put up the signs

And tried to grab peoples attention (the other way John-Paul)

Look at the next few posts for gratuitous pictures of farm animals looking cute.


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  1. Brigid says:

    currently feeling my heart swell!!!

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