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Lots of Holga to Upload

There will be a lot of these coming through hopefully. Anyway, here is the first round, these are shots from camp.
First a bit of explanation, to simplify the holga camera the designers use this focusing scale as a guild for photographers:

(curtsy of zinkwazi photoblog:
So I have started a project to use the holga as instructed:
Four Holga focus points
The only appropriate way to use a Holga

As you can see, the only way one can really use a holga is by photographing (preferably in sequence) a person, a group of two tall people with a child in between them, groups of seven people stacked with the tallest in the middle, and mountains.


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Making digital water color transfers

I was at PCNW yesterday and Juan recommended that I sit in on his alternative digital printing class–and wow. wow.

We we printed onto a transfer material, which is like a temporary tattoo. You pull a print onto this material using the enhanced matte profile on a matte ink printer (as this lays down the stickiest blacks)–then you cover the water color paper in the transfer liquid. Which is?! You will never guess–Purell…
Yea, no kidding
Making a digital transfer to water color paper
Lay the transfer media on the paper, cover with some plastic, and apply pressure with a brayer
rolling the digital transfer on
peal it back gently to see if it takes:
removing the digital transfer media from the paper
and you are done. Look at those blacks–you can’t get that from printing directly onto water color paper.
a final digital transfer to water color paper

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Last shot from camp

I got home yesterday afternoon and immediately fell into a deep deep sleep.  And woke up feeling sick.  I guess I finally caught some of the bug going around camp.  Or I was just exhausted.  Or both.

So, last few images from camp.

This moth is enormous.  He was sitting on my porch at the end of the night and we all gathered around him (or her).  It was the size of my hand, and very mellow.

I wanted to take him home

So did Amanda (thats not my finger)

I put him in a box but in the morning he escaped.  Which is good.

Here I am saying good by

(this was staged.  I drove back and got my camera after Rachel took the picture)

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Rowing to the Rock

This is for staff only (no campers allowed).  We rowed to the other end of the lake and some people (NOT me) jumped off this huge rock into the lake.  Wow!  Yea.  No thanks.  Also Penny was in my boat and cried the whole way over.  Not because she did not like the boat–she did not like the tight fitting baby life jacket.


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Here they are! The images from the Counselor Shoot.

It was very

.  First is the painting we used–next are the polaroids, then the production stills.


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Water Carnival

Every year at camp, on sunday, we have the water carnival.  And my favorite event–the belly flop contest.  Enjoy.  Also some very sexy pictures of a hot bab(y), a disturbing inner tube game someone thought up, and everyone jumping in the lake.

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So Much To Post.

Yesterday hanging out on the dock, just had to post these because it was so beautiful.  That’s Chris Griffith running the BBQ, he came by for a couple of days.  The girl counselors had to dress up as me with moustaches, very nice.  Also, a bird got in the nurses hut–Jeff wanted to know if it needed some first aid–har har.

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Kitchen Staff Shoot

Here they are!  First–it went REALLY well.  Very quick work–Rachael was still here so I had a lot of help with lights and camera which makes a huge difference.  The nurses cabin works very well for a shoot of this kind.

First the painting, a dutch drinking painting by Adriaen Brouwer.  Then polaroids, then the production stills.  Can’t wait for the film to come back!!  (Note Rachel Finn was sick and trying to sleep on the couch–we were not really letting her).

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What You’ve Been Waiting For

Here are the final images from the Pirates, Lost Boys, and Indians shoots yesterday.



Lost Boys

And the very very cold Indians

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Shooting Pirates and Indians

Here are the stills from our two other shoots today.  We shot the “Indians” in the river (which must have been FREEZING, note I did not go in).  And the “Pirates” up on the camp fire stage.  In between we had a huge rain storm which drove us under the dinning area awning.  You can see the white caps in the lake as this storm rushed through.

Oh the first few photos are of us playing my favorite camp game: Princess Wolf Hunter, its a mixture of rock paper scissors and tag–but instead of rocks v paper v scissors its princess v wolf v hunter and goes as such:

Wolf beats Princess

Hunter beats Wolf


Princess beats Hunter (hehe)

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