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Well those wedding pictures sure are popular



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Last Weeks Studio Class With Juan

We had a super fun shoot last week, Steve just sent me some of the production stills so I thought I would up load them for you all to see!

And here are a couple shots (Juans) look for the final images later this week.

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Last of the photo booth (3)


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Polaroids round 2

Here are a few more…

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Polaroid Photo Booth #1

there are a lot of these, be prepared

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Kara and Ryans amazing wedding!

I shot only polaroid (because thats all that maters) so I will be uploading them over time


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Professional Studio Workshop, the images

We had our first shoot on Wed for the Intro to the Professional Studio Workshop. Everyone learned how to use studio lights and grip gear. So, for those of you who wondered why I was breaking a bottle in half here is the reason:

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My Zone Plate Came In The Mail

I finally get to put together my telephoto zone plate camera! I ordered a 300mm zone plate that I planed to mount onto my 4×5. And it just came in the mail!

Zone plates work like pinholes but use a fresnel pattern of concentric rings.

To achieve this the pattern is photographed onto copy film (a film the renders blacks and whites only–whats used for micro film). You can do it your self but making sure all the sizing comes together just right is pretty complex. I decided to buy mine for $20.

Zone plates are much faster than pinholes, also they need to be focused. For this I am mounting mine in an old gralfex shutter so I have more control over the exposure. To do this I first unscrewed the old lens, then popped it out of its mounting ring.

I made a backing for the zone plate out of black matte board, and used the protective brass plate for the front.

Now I have what should be a functioning telephoto zone plate camera!
All I need is a sunny day to start shooting–to bad I’ll never get one of those.

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Image Transfer to Gessoed Board

So I made a couple of different preparations for this test. Sean prepped some boards with acrylic gesso which I then coated with Dass Super Sauce (the pre material for doing image transfers). I used two coats, for some I sanded between coats. Also Sean had prepped a board with traditional rabbit skin glue.

At school I used the activate (Dass Super Sauce dissolved into rubbing alcohol) and transferred the image

And just like that! Image onto board–go figure! They look amazing, like nothing I have ever done before. Some of the images smear a little which is kind of hard to control–but I love having these surprising elements in what is basically a digital print.

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Breaking Glass

Preparing for my workshop this week (Intro to the Professional Studio). We will split a bottle in half to use in the shoot. I was going to cut the glass (problematic) until I found this YouTube video showing how you can split a bottle in half by soaking a string in acetone, wrapping the bottle with it, lighting it on fire, then dunking it in ice water.

I got it to work! It took a few tries (and a few failures), and its not clean, but it will work.

We are going to do it in class on Wed, should be fun:

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