John Blalock


Gospordor Monuments

Driving back from portland I timed the drive so I could stop at the Gospordor monuments as dusk was settling. I spent about an hour setting up shots the dark field. Thought the cops would stop by, lucked out.
Here is an early polaroid (the later shots should have less sky, more light).


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Making pie for the great feast

Dani came over to make some pie’s.

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More sick day projects

I shot a few examples outside the house of how quickly the light changes around “blue hour” the famous window of time at dusk when the sky turns a rich deep blue. The snow picked up the color of the sky making amazing images.

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Snow day project

This was my snow day project, seans laptop has been over heating and shutting down, so we tried this internet trick.

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Cleaning day/snow day

Took this as an opportunity to finally clean up the stairwell. It was bad. But my idea for modifying my shelves so that they worked on the stairs worked! Go figure.

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This years freezer birthday camera

For those of you who don’t know I have a very very long term project I’m working on. This involves taking a picture of myself every year on my birthday–with the same roll of film. I have Holga loaded with black and white that sits in the freezer all year, on my birthday I take it out, thaw it, and shoot a picture. There are 12 exposures on this roll, thats 12 years, it will finish in 2019.

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Got the film back from the library shoot

Um, I like this….

The Scholar

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Photographing in the library today

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Built a 35mm panoramic adaptor for my 120 back

I’m going to try shooting 35mm pinhole in panorama. Mostly I want to try using the many high speed 35mm films that I can’t get in 120. Plus it would be great for travel, you can buy 35mm anywhere, and have it processed anywhere too.
I’ll keep you posted with more

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We got the grant!!

Thanks to all of your suport and votes the Live Strong Foundation has awarded the one year artists in residency grant to Seattle Children’s Hospital!

Check it out!

I’ll be updating everyone with results as thing progress.


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