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Watson and the Shark, ready for print

Deborah is ready for the print–it will hang in Astoria for the art walk Sat the 8th.

I thought I would show you guys a little bit of the composite work that went into this final (I’m pretty proud of my work).
Here was the first image, good, but a little chaotic, and kind of bland.

For starters I pulled in a better Josh (on the keg), and added Rodrigo in the back:

Then I pulled Rodrigo out of the front (using a blank image shot earlier)

Now I pull in a new pair of pants for Josh:

And then blend it all together, adding a few shadows for interest (and to cover up the messy areas where things weren’t quite perfect)


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Christmas Eve

Here is a little video Jack shot, talking about how the house is full of EVIL.

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Good by Jess Wells, we miss you so much

Jess Wells passed away last night, with his family at his bedside. He bravely fought cancer for longer than anyone expected, he did so with dignity, grace, and kindness. It was an honor to know him and spend time with him.

Jess Wells at the dome with his family

Jess Wells' tribute to his children

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Rough scans of the Pinhole Blue Hour project

Not sure what I think about these, I was hoping for more “glow”

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Blue hour new hour

Maybe its the rain, but blue hour was at 4:30 tonight (a full 15 mins earlier than last week).

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