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Laptop was stolen

So, yesterday during our wet plate collodion workshop (amazing btw) someone ran through the building and, grabbed my laptop and ran out the backdoor. Its gone.

I was pissed has hell, grad application are due in a few weeks, all of my work was on that machine. My digital images were on that, and all of my class notes. Not to mention programs, music, invoices, and stuff that I don’t even know I need (until I find out that I need it later).

Had some beers for Kims birthday last night and woke up this morning feeling kind of liberated.

I have to say, as much as this sucks I was kind of a slave to my machine. I always carried it around with me, I was always doing some kind of work (photoshop, writing, mostly just blog surfing).

Today I picked up my 35mm camera and shot.

I think it was appropriate that this happened during a workshop on 19th century image making.

Look for updates on my new life of laptoplessness



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  1. John,
    Just wanted to say thanks again for the great class over the weekend. It certainly gave me a lot of new ideas. I’m a bit worried that my house will now forever smell like rubbing alcohol!
    I spoke to my wife about your program at Children’s and we are wondering how donations might be made to your program. Drop me an email and we can discuss it.
    Thanks again!
    Michael Rowe

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