John Blalock


The $600 month

Sean and I plan on trying out a new system this month. It appears that my spending on food is getting out of hand–not like crazy–just more than it should be. And I’m not really buying great food–in fact I am not even eating out that much. Its just out of hand. So, the plan this month is to take out $600 in twenties and have $20 to spend every day on food and entertainment. Seems simple enough–we talked out a few rules (sean is going to try this as well). Not rules–just parameters. This is outside of bills and rent (obviously) and outside of transportation–but it does include all other expenses (such as toilet paper, or coffee). It will allow for discretionary expenses (say trips, or a nice dinner out) as the goal is not to become a financial monk–merely to get ahold of the basic cash flow.

Let me know your thoughts–we start Aug 1st



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