John Blalock


New studio, new project

Moved into my freemont studio which I am sharing with painters Sean and Lean. And this starts my new project the cardboard pinhole experiment. I cut 100+ sheets of 12×18″ cardboard. This is the maximum size that Metix can cut with their cnc laser cutter. I have a stack of drawings that I am converting into paths that can be read by the laser. I plan on putting my ideas. Into practice over the next few months. Look for these strang prototypes to appear on the blog soon


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Camping in the olympics

Did some hiking. Made some tasty food. Had a huge bonfire!

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Arrow cloud

Seen today from the burgermaster parking lot. I did not follow.

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Another day at pickathon

Let’s see lots of old time and country today. More amazing food (inc biscuits and fried chicken). Sat in the sun.

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Day two at pickathon

Some country in the morning, Latin in the evening, then Cajun at 1am

Also there are so many vanagan’s and euro vans here. Lok for more images as the day goes on.

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First night a pickathon

We got in early and set up camp. Jess and emrin are just up from us. There is a rumor that the fruit bats are playing tonight. Looks like it’ll be a good weekend.

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Us at the library with the kids on Sunday

Red purple and yellow. Good thing we dressed the

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Zack makes biscuit

Zac made us biscuits while we read our joyce. Kat brought some rhubarb jam.

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$600 project day two

Yesterday spent $6.35
This is not very much–but Pickathon is this weekend and I’ll be spending a lot of money then, so Sean and I were going to try for $5/day until thursday.

Now just for clarification, there are some people who have interpreted this project as a project about temperance and stingy saving. Nothing could be further from the truth–the point of this project is to curb spending on things that I never notice, that have no value. Everyday we all spend money on things that don’t really have any value. Grabbing a sandwich at the deli for $6, which really ends up being $8.50 (I always wonder how that happens), that with a coffee and pastry (another $5.20), then pick up some food for dinner ($18 at the store) all of the sudden one has spent well over $20 without even entertainment costs.

Basically I’m not trying to save, I just want my regular money to go to better things. Make a killer dinner with grass fed stake once a week instead of blowing cash on junk food. Being able to buy lots of great food and beer at Pickathon–etc.

So, thats the clarification.

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Laser pinhole camera

So this is the new camera design as built in google sketchup. I turned the files into something useable by a CNC laser. Now I just have to put the pieces together:

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