John Blalock


$600 project day two

Yesterday spent $6.35
This is not very much–but Pickathon is this weekend and I’ll be spending a lot of money then, so Sean and I were going to try for $5/day until thursday.

Now just for clarification, there are some people who have interpreted this project as a project about temperance and stingy saving. Nothing could be further from the truth–the point of this project is to curb spending on things that I never notice, that have no value. Everyday we all spend money on things that don’t really have any value. Grabbing a sandwich at the deli for $6, which really ends up being $8.50 (I always wonder how that happens), that with a coffee and pastry (another $5.20), then pick up some food for dinner ($18 at the store) all of the sudden one has spent well over $20 without even entertainment costs.

Basically I’m not trying to save, I just want my regular money to go to better things. Make a killer dinner with grass fed stake once a week instead of blowing cash on junk food. Being able to buy lots of great food and beer at Pickathon–etc.

So, thats the clarification.


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