John Blalock



John Blalock has been exhibiting his photographs and working as a photographer in the Northwest for the last five years.  His work often stretches the notions of what it takes to make a photograph, while drawing from traditional western art.  Whether its unconventional pinhole cameras creating images reminiscent of watercolors or charcoal sketches–or pastiches of the painting masters set to contemporary themes.


The Spirit of ’21, Lunar Boy Gallery, Astoria OR, January 2010
Revolution Group Show, Goodgallery, Portland OR, August 2009
Lady Liberty, Lunar Boy Gallery, Astoria OR, January 2009
West Coast Modern Architecture, 12 X 16 Gallery, Portland OR, April 2008
The Decent Kegstand, Lunar Boy Gallery, Astoria OR, Febuary 2008
Life After Cancer, NewSpace Center for Photography, Portland OR, May 2007
Pinhole Images, Visage Window Gallery, February 2007, Portland OR
Pinhole Silent Auction, Nicolai Studios, Portland OR, November 2006
Dossier Group Show, Nola Gallery, Portland OR, November 2005
Pinhole Images of New York City, Blue Moon Camera, Portland OR, May 2005


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