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Working on pinhole’s at the dome

I drove from Seattle to St. Paul this morning to meet Joe and Jess.

Oh yea, and Drift

I brought my models and sketches for Jess to look over.  It went well, unfortunatly he had to spend some time on the phone with insurance companies, they are making it hard for him to get his chemotherapy next week.

(the cat liked this however)

We worked out a lot of the problems, a few more drawings and some tests and we should be able to start building


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Testing Cameras

We had a nice day–weird.  I tested the cameras today down at UW.  Images are of the bell tower in red square.  The polaroids turned out–amazing.  I like this system, I was able to swap the cameras off very quickly–just like a lens.

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Night shift making pinholes

I’m not working tonight but I am still on the night shift.  Its 2am and I am making pinholes from 0.003″ brass shim stock and sewing needles (stick them in the top of a pencil for better control)

Punching each hole and scanning it looking for the magical number of 0.01″ (the size I need for my cameras)

the holes look pretty impressive blown up on the screen.

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Building Cameras

Up really late.

Can’t sleep.

Making cameras in the basement while listening to a movie

(its hard to watch while working so I just turn on the director’s commentary)

first round, making pinholes for them tomorrow.

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Drafting pinhole cameras

Take a look

Here they are

(yes I was acting like a draftsman)

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