John Blalock



Specialized professional work.

Equipment for lighting and photographing interior architecture, 2D and 3D copy work.  Work done on location or in studio.

Call/email for rates

Kaizer Copy Stand



2 Responses

  1. John-
    I’m excited to be taking yours and Gina’s workshop Mar 12-13. I’m wondering how will it be different than the 10 week course you’re teaching with Jahnavi… besides the duration over time vs crash course.
    If you don’t have time to reply, it can wait until the workshop.
    Cheryl H-T
    PS I also don’t know what to bring to class. I did get the kit from Blicks.

  2. D'vorah Kost says:

    John, Thank you for supporting Ruby Smith’s photography and bringing her prominence in her last days.
    I’m in the circle of love and support around her and her family, and was expecting to see Ruby’s photos on display at Nathan Hale last night, as was her mother Kate, who left Ruby’s side to attend parents’ night, as were many others who attended the Senior Project night.
    The display case designated for Ruby’s work was empty. I’m wondering what happened. I hope you and Ruby’s framed works are not harmed.
    I can’t imagine what could have interfered with a timely installation.
    I didn’t know how else to contact you. .

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