John Blalock


First day in ny

Walked around the city. Occupied some wall st.


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Happy Halloween

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Chicken pot pie

Sean and I made the filling (chicken thighs and bacon ends cooked for many hours), Kat made the crust. We all ate it tonight for our weekly reading of Joyce.

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The hike

Ashley led us the wrong way up but we still got to the lake. I did not go in but I did soak my feet

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Cabin on Index

Just arrived 9 am suns coming up

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A synopsis of the project

Thanks Colin for all of your help advancing the field of pinhole photography with these experiments. Look for the results to be published in the Pinhole Quarterly once they get through the RIB. In the mean time please enjoy this synopsis:

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Colin Arives in Seattle–much to do

First his train arrives:

We went to my studio and built pinhole camera

Finally we ended the night by watching about 5 hours of The Pacific. We would have Finished but we are so awesome that we fell asleep before it was over. Yes, that is just how awesome we are. We will watch the rest tonight.

Schedule for tonight:
-The rest of The Pacific
-New South Park episodes
-The Star Trek Voyager episode in which Q shows up and tries to mate with Captain Janeway
-And eat home made ham hock chili

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New studio, new project

Moved into my freemont studio which I am sharing with painters Sean and Lean. And this starts my new project the cardboard pinhole experiment. I cut 100+ sheets of 12×18″ cardboard. This is the maximum size that Metix can cut with their cnc laser cutter. I have a stack of drawings that I am converting into paths that can be read by the laser. I plan on putting my ideas. Into practice over the next few months. Look for these strang prototypes to appear on the blog soon

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Camping in the olympics

Did some hiking. Made some tasty food. Had a huge bonfire!

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Arrow cloud

Seen today from the burgermaster parking lot. I did not follow.

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