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Day 3 and 4

Driving through Colorado was pretty impressive, at one point however Rachel noted that the car seemed to be loosing power, we were both very concerned–who wants to break down in the middle of a 4 day road trip!  We were going up hills and she had the gas to the floor, it was down shifting to third, then to second.  we were worried.  Then we passed a sign that took all that worry away.  It said Vail Pass 10,000 ft.


never mind.

Here are some shots of the Air Force Academe Chapel and grounds.  They have a color guard ceremony for lunch it true fascist style (beautiful).AirForce1_1AirForce1_2AirForce1Texas180Texas186Texas196Texas216Texas226Texas233Texas246

And last but not least–a thunderstorm through Texas.


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Day 2

Here are shots of us in Utah–some country out side Salt Lake (where we left from yesterday morning), Mom’s cafe, Arches (amazing) and our totally sweet hotel ($35/night)

On to Colorado Springs today–fortunatly we have about 30 hrs of This American Life.


See yall soon

(looking for the best Wolf Shirts)Texas129Texas133Texas153Texas156Texas158Texas165Texas167

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