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Keg Stand To Astoria

Picked the image up at UDevelope

Pretty much the biggest sharpest print I have ever pulled

40″x50″ at 250 dpi, 350mgbt files, and about as near perfect as I could hope.


So I brought it to the evil party first

Then to Astoria for Deborah to hang at Lunar Boy Gallery–this last picture is kind of meta?

Second Saturday (next Saturday) if you are in Astoria please stop by the opening!


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The Scans Are In

Here are the raw scans.  Its going to be one of these or a blend of the two.  Hoping to have these in for prints by monday.  They need a lot of cleaning, 400 mgbts each.  I’ll try to send screen shots as I clean, the details are really fun.  You can read the ingredients on the beer cans–I love 4×5.

I’d love to here which one you think is best?

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Polaroids from Keg Stand

Here they are

The hero

Various faces of sean

Before Danny had to go to work

The men and women swap (or guys and gals I guess)

And the crew shot

A lighting test to give you an idea of the color

A few production stills


Thanks to everyone who came.  I guess its a good thing in a way–we did not even come close to drinking the keg…

More to come.  The 4×5 transparencies are heading for Portland as we speak, Citizen photo will soup them tomorrow, I’ll pick them up at the end of the week and take them back to Seattle to be drum scanned.

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My mom made me a Betsy Ross hat

Pretty cool.  I hope to wear it during the shoot

For more info on the shoot go next door to


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More ideas for Keg Stand

It was raining, which scrapped outside shooting.  And frankly, it will probably rain on the day of shoot.  So here are my ideas for turning this into an indoor shoot.

Here’s my house


Place the keg in the kitchen, and have a separate scene in the living room


Here’s the same shot with a one second burn to bring in the ambient light


(note the light at the top of the stairs, back of the kitchen, lamp)

and another angle


Thanks Caitlyn for all the help!

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The Official Keg Stand Invitation


Welcome to this years Keg Stand Photo Shoot!  As you may have noticed the theme this year is the American Revolution, in particular the Battle of Bunker Hill.



-Saturday November 28th at noon


-My house, 7029 20th Ave NE Seattle WA 98115

Do I have to do a keg stand?
-No, but you can if you want to.
What should I wear?
-Please look at the painting to get an idea of the colors.  Reds, whites, blues, and cream or yellow would be best.  Please try to avoid lots of black or bright white.  Also college attire is great–think jeans, Khakis, hoodies, etc.

10am Preproduction meeting
and set up
12pm Shooting begins!
Please arrive as close to 12 as possible–thanks!
3pm  Shooting complete, post party

RSVP John 503-209-9942 – – or go to


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Got the film back

So the film lines up pretty well with the polaroids.  Not sure if I like it.  Here is the image unstitched–as it would be were I to show the edges of the film in a print.  I cannot get the camera to shift any further (this is pushing what that 65mm lens can do regardless).  However it looks pretty choppy:


stitched it looks much better–but I am not sure if I want something so dramatic:


Anyway if the rain lets up I will shoot verticals tomorrow.  I still may go with film…

I voiced my complaint to the lab today–its just so strange not having any 4×5 color processing in this city!

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Some experiements with the 4×5

I have been kind of depressed here in Seattle because there are no labs that process 4×5 color.  What the hell!  Even po-dunk Portland has a lab!

This throws a big wrench in my plans for Bunker Hill.  So here is my thought.  With a conventional 4×5 of the house this is the image with my 65mm Grandagon:


Using fuji FP100b45.  Ah it looks so good, and can be framed so well.

Here is my idea, use the 6×7 back on the camera


And shift it back and forth to create a stitched image on 120 film

I made a mask for the polaroid pack film back that would mask of a matched 6×7 area.  This is what it would potentially look like with two options:

#1 Vertical 6×7 which should give about a 12×7 stitched image


Or the very panoramic horizontal 14×6


An added benefit to the horizontal is that, if set up properly, the images could appear side by side on the same roll of film and therefor keep the continuity of the image.

I shot a roll of 120 in all of these different configurations–look for the results here next week.

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Things Are Moving Quickly!

This years keg stand is rapidly approaching, here are some ideas for the layout.


The image is Thomas Trundle’s Battle of Bunker Hill.  Though I have not quite thought out every part of this image it will involve America vs the EU, or Americana vs the Arty hip people (of which I have to count myself of course).  Not sure.

Here are the test polaroids for the back ground



The invite will go out soon Sat the 28th is the shoot day.  Costumes will be “frat boy/girl” vs “hipster” wear read, white, or blue please (some yellow is okay).

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The EU project

The Spirit of 21 is done!  Phew!  It took almost exactly three weeks to complete (we won’t try to count the hours.)  And I wish I could rest.  I can in a way, this is pretty much the most difficult flat to sew (next to the Union Jack–which I refuse to make!!)  I have a bunch more flags and other things to make for this shoot however.



Twelve stars on blue–oh so much easier.  There are no flat feel seams at all on this flag anywhere!

Bought the fabric today at Pacific Fabric Depot in George Town.  Sorry for not bringing the camera, it was a beautiful sunny fall day down in the industrial area.  I liked this fabric store, it has a lot of more industrial fabrics like canvas and denim.

here’s my buy:


Blue canvas and yellow felt.  I’m going to try felt because it wont have the fraying problems that the denim has.  This flag needs to look good on film but it is not a personal, or particularly important flag to me.

I bet this will take  a little less than three weeks, eh.

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