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Ham Sandwhich Easter

We cooked another of the hams for Easter and it was spectacular. Also made sourdough bread, and read scripture passages. This was the bread recipe we used, please watch the whole thing, it gets very strange at the end…


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So much pork

If you pull it, they will come. And they did, sean had the idea to make corn tortillas, everyone brought avocados, a little lemon, some pickled onions, radishes, you know, good times. Then a little Britney Spears acoustic to round out the night:

What a Toxic end to the night:

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Pork Shoulder

So we started the pork shoulder last night at about 10pm, we’ll eat it today around 8pm–hoping that is enough time to cook it really well!

The rub, chocolate, smoked paprika, tomato paste, fresh squeezed orange, and salt, and probably some other stuff.

Watch sean when he tastes it

more to follow

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How to pet a River Cat

We have a lovely cat here at the bro-haus, but she is essentially feral. Though she looks very cute, and like to be in the company of humans, she is not so into the cat duties such as getting petted:

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Pigs Feet part 3

So I decided to save the stock from the braising process. Seemed simple enough, checked on it the next day and there was something a little funny:

gelatinated stock

Not surprising when you think about it (just when you discover it), but it appears that the gelatin in the feet has turned this stock into, well, jello.
Still, it liquefies when heated even a little, and it was a damn tasty soup.

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Pig’s feet part 2, fry and eat

So the recipe called for pulling the meat out of the feet and frying it. I gave it my best, but it was turning into goo. Sean said we should just fry it with the bones and eat them like ribs. Done. The salad was amazing (shaved fennel and capers w a bunch of other fancy stuff). The feet were interesting. Mostly cartilage, tendon, and gelatin. Its supposed to be amazing for your health (bones and joints and stuff), but it was a little hard to eat.

Still, we got about two quarts of broth off of the braise, looking forward to soup this week.

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Pig’s feet part 1, the braise

We’re trying to eat the, well, strangest parts of the pig right now (not that there is anything strange about feet…)

Brined over night in salt water,

Now braising with onions, celery, carrots, fennel seeds, coriander, bay leaves, um, something else too probably. Smells awesome (not like my feet at all).

Braise for 2 hours, then I will fry them, served on salad with some brave friends…

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