John Blalock


Seans Birthday

So much happened at this joyous event where do I even start.

Evan started off the gifts

Johnny One American Hero (circa 1986 from a junk store in NYC)

We then each became a Johnny One ourselves

Next came a great meal (muscles) followed by cake

lickity-split off to the bar

for a game






the table

Oh and just so its documented, this is the first time all six boys have been together in the same spot in about two years.


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cut on my nose

I did this shaving, go figure.

How does one even do that?!

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Stopping at the Blalock-Korals

The dancer

Jack, who just saw a fox outside (or a cat, he’s not quite sure which it was)

What happens when you give the camera to Jack

He takes a picture of the game on TV.  And its actually a brilliant image.

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Christmas Dinner Thoughts

The siblings

The food

The surprise table guest

The secret (why she came–shhhhh–don’t tell)

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A christmas day drive

Drove out in washington county

It was pretty,

Saw some dead people

Like Stephen Joel Weichbrod.  We wished him a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Stephen Joel Weichbrod, take care.

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Christmas Eve at the Finn’s

Pretty straight forward.

Wrap presents

then unwrap them

Which I guess can be kind of funny

(that is if the presents are childhood photographs)

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A night out with Finn

Sorry I have not really been around.

Finn’s in town

We checked out beard papa’s

Looked at some cool (mild) coffee drinks

And saw some very christmasy sites

at the mall

the market

and when rachel looked up

she learned about recycling in an art installation down town

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Okay, the computer is working again

So sorry I have not been around guys, I have not forgot about everyone out in the internet world.  The computer crashed completely (with a weird flashing screen), the apple care guy had me take my precious tower into the mac store (which was nuts, no parking, crazy shoppers).  Anyway, fortunatly it was only the graphics card.  I got home and was about to do the reinstall, and fire up the back up drives when I had a thought:

-I have had this computer for 2 years, the hard drives are full, this may be my only chance to swap in some new drives.  I had just done a clean install so I am starting from scratch regardless.

So, from a 250gbt drive for the system and two 500gbt drives in Raid 1 for backup.


haha!  500gbt system drive, 500gbt time machine, and two 1T drives in Raid 1.

That should hold me for another few years.

(sorry no pictures–Mateo is borrowing my camera to learn light room.  I’ll have some images soon).

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The Scans Are In

Here are the raw scans.  Its going to be one of these or a blend of the two.  Hoping to have these in for prints by monday.  They need a lot of cleaning, 400 mgbts each.  I’ll try to send screen shots as I clean, the details are really fun.  You can read the ingredients on the beer cans–I love 4×5.

I’d love to here which one you think is best?

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I’m back (with a pie in the face)

So my computer crashed, I’ve been away for a bit.

Sean has finals, we thought we would lighten things up for him

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